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2011.10.15 ClueTrust establishes new global support site, powered by Zendesk.
2011.02.01 ClueTrust announces general availability of CartoMobile for iPad and iPhone.
2010.06.03 ClueTrust announces general availability of Cartographica 1.2. Download it now from our Cartographica microsite.
2010.04.15 ClueTrust announces Cartographica 1.2 and Cartographica Mobile for iPad and iPhone, the first mobile member of the Cartographica suite.
2009.12.11 LoadMyTracks version 1.4 beta is now starting. This marks the first version that drops support for 10.4 and supports 64-bit. Please help us test the software and provide feedback!
2009.12.09 Cartographica version 1.1.1 is now shipping. Go to the microsite for more information.
2009.10.27 Cartographica is now a Registered Trademark! Now we have trademarks on both the Cartographica logo (Reg#77611589) and the name (Reg#77722594 on the supplemental registry).
2009.10.09 Cartographica version 1.1 is now shipping. Go to the microsite for more information.
2009.05.04 Cartographica has reached 1.0 and is now available for purchase. Go to the microsite for more information.
2009.04.23 Cartographica Preview Release 5 is available, complete with Adobe Illustrator export and support for more projections.
2009.02.02 Cartographica Preview Release 3 is now available and we have revamped the dedicated website for Cartographica. Please check out the latest features, including Map Layout, 64-bit support, and more.

ClueTrust has finally released the first preview version of Cartographica, our Macintosh GIS product. We hope that you will all come visit the MacGIS website to find out what it's all about and participate in the preview. We're very excited about the release and are looking forward to hearing from you about your comments and suggested features.

Coincident with this release, we are also bring our new Knowledgebase online. You can now use it to look for suggestions about Cartographica and LoadMyTracks and submit your comments. We hope this new system is easy to use for everyone and look forward to hearing about any issues you have with it.

2008.05.29 Apple has released OS X version 10.5.3 which fixes the known problem with the Sony CS-1 and related devices that would not mount as storage on the desktop.

LoadMyTracks Version 1.3.1 (073) now supports Garmin's Edge 605/705 Storage-based fitness devices and GlobalSat's GH-615 Sport Watch. And, we finally have a new icon for LoadMyTracks!

2008.04.29 LoadMyTracks Version 1.3 (067) now supports GlobalSat's DG-100 DataLogger.
2008.04.11 LoadMyTracks Version 1.2 (58) now supports Magellan's serial-port based devices.
2008.04.01 LoadMyTracks Version 1.1 (52) now supports Garmin's USB-storage based devices. This includes the nüvi and Colorado units.
2007.10.25 LoadMyTracks Version 1.0 (50) is now considered non-beta and has been released as Freeware (meaning that ClueTrust still retains the copyright and all rights, but you are allowed to use the software for free). Please contact us if you are interested in redistribution rights. 1.0 is also compatible with Leopard.
2007.08.06 LoadMyTracks Version 49 now includes localization in German.
2007.03.18 LoadMyTracks Version 47 now supports the Sony GPS CS-1
2007.01.25 LoadMyTracks Version 44 now includes localization in French and DSA Security for update downloads. Thanks to Julien in France!
2006.06.01 LoadMyTracks Version 30 now supports sending track, waypoint, and route information to Garmin® GPS devices.
2006.05.24 ClueTrust is pleased to announce that it has been issued Patent #7,042,346 for an RFID-based parts management system.
2006.02.27 ClueTrust has released LoadMyTracks, a program for importing GPS data into Macintosh computers.
Today we also revamped portions of the web site, including the navigational bar to include our software products.
2006.01.17 ClueTrust is pleased to announce that it has received an official registration of its graphical servicemark (the picture to the left). Registration #3044705
2005.10.17 ClueTrust is pleased to announce that the new web site is now online featuring information about mapping, GIS, GPS and other related technologies.
2004.07.06 ClueTrust is happy to announce that it has received an official registration of its servicemark ClueTrust. Registration #2861444
2004.06.28 ClueTrust has recently changed billing and accounting systems. If you see a problem with your bill, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll get it straightened out.
2004.04.24 ClueTrust rolls out new web site. Welcome to our new web site. Please address any questions or comments to our technical system
2004.04.22 ClueTrust is excited to announce the arrival of the basic hardware for the Crossbow Project (also known as BigMirror). When complete, this project is projected to be a major content source for IPv6 networks.
2004.03.15 Our routers have been upgraded to support IPv6. If you are a current customer and you are interested in having IPv6 support on your networks, please contact us via support.

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