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ClueTrust is a desktop and mobile software vendor, consulting organization, and independent Internet Service Provider, located in Northern Virginia, the United States. Prior to 2003, ClueTrust was known as GBP Software, LLC.

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GBP Software started in Barrington, Illinois in 1979 by Gaige B. Paulsen. Initially, the company specialized in developing accounting software on a contract basis. Then, in 1980, they moved on to custom database software and consulting for an insurance agency.

After moving to Lexington, Kentucky in 1983, the company was once again involved in developing accounting software, but also developed terminal emulation and file transfer software for use with modem-based bulletin board systems.

In 1984, GBP Software created software to control engraving machines made by Dahlgren (which, according to this article about Dahlgren was a pioneer in the market). The initial software was used to speed up the creation of corporate seals for the US's largest manufacturer of corporate seals. Eventually, the company worked on creating drivers to engrave from commercial drawing packages on the Apple Macintosh computer (released in January of that year).

In 1985, GBP Software went dormant until 1988. During that time, Gaige worked on TCP/IP communications software with a variety of other developers at the center. In 1987, GBP Software started doing consulting work again, writing low-level Macintosh ethernet software for LBL, working on utilities for use with Apple's A/UX (the philosophical predecessor of MacOS X and macOS/iOS/tvOS/watchOS), and eventually creating advanced terminal emulation and file transfer software for use in InterCon's products.

By 1990, GBP Software was back again working on new software, this time a software product called WatchTower, an SNMP network management product for the Apple Macintosh computers, released in 1991. WatchTower was an expensive product, released through InterCon and sold only a few hundred copies, but revisions continued through 1994.

Between 1995 and 1998, GBP Software did very little development, concentrating mostly on consulting services in business. When new development resumed in 1999, it was in a completely different direction—audio jukebox software. Poseidon Entertainment, Inc. licensed the company's jukebox software, which provided multi-room, simultaneous access to an entire collection of music stored on a central server. The system contained local and remote playback systems, multi-disk simultaneous loading system, a mouse- and button-based graphical user interface, and a serial-based control system. Poseidon's exclusive right to license the software ended in 2002 and the product has been shelved.

In 2000, the company started offering Internet services, including dedicated access services, hosting, and domain name services. The company continues to provide consulting services, especially in the internet, technology analysis, and design areas.

In 2005, the company began development on LoadMyTracks and subsequently Cartographica, the first modern, Cocoa-based GIS package for the Macintosh.

In 2011, ClueTrust launched CartoMobile, our first iOS product.

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