ClueTrust Colocation Services

ClueTrust provides colocation and transit services at a world-class hosting center in the United States


Pricing is based on a flat-rate $1/VA (minimum $125/U) for single-connected power and space. Redundant power connections are available at double the price, due to the need to provision twice as much power into the system.

Each device is allocated 3 network connections, 2 secure out-of-band connections and one connection for upstream connectivity to the internet. IP Address assignment is based on your requirements, but generally is a minimum of /29 for most customers. Further allocations may be available at discretion of ClueTrust and based on availability and actual use.

Bandwidth at the Equinix facility or through our off-site connectivity products costs $20/mbps measured at 95%ile. As a courtesy (and to keep ourselves from going insane), we do not bill for the first 128K until the aggregate use for all customer's machines exceeds 128K. Once it does, the entire bandwidth usage will be billed as prescribed above.

ClueTrust Colocation Terms of Service

IP addresses are subject to change at any time with 60 day notice.

ClueTrust reserves the right to request emergency shutdown within 24 hours and scheduled shutdown with 72 hours. In the event of a dire emergency, it is understood that machines will be taken down "hard" if necessary, but this will be avoided whenever possible.

ClueTrust provides best-effort services (you're not paying enough for an SLA), but since our machines are running in the same facility, you can take some solace in that.


ClueTrust will not (unless required to by law or subpoena) provide customer information or access to customer data or network traffic. ClueTrust does, however, reserve the right to monitor all traffic to and from customer's machines for network management or diagnostic purposes and to terminate network connections as required for either network management or when directed to by appropriate law enforcement officials. ClueTrust will not provide any customer information to anyone without your permission and will not keep or peek inside packets without your permission unless necessary under circumstances above. ClueTrust advocates the use of strong encryption and/or VPNs for any data that you deem proprietary or secret.

Console Access and Monitoring

Out of band access through secure protocols is available at no extra charge for ClueTrust customers. This is available to all customers in all racks at Equinix.

ClueTrust will provide monitoring of systems and services upon request. Two contacts are allowed for each machine and delivery of alerts is best-effort and via email and text. As such, we strongly encourage the use of email addresses that do not require your systems to be functional in order to tell you they are not functional. Monitoring includes ping, http, https, smtp, submission, imap, imaps, and various SNMP requests if you enable them. Please let us know your monitoring requests, and we will work with you to get them set up. Monitoring is done automatically using a nagios-based system.

Network connections are either 1gbps to our switches. Although we have multiple upstreams at 1gbps and 10gbps, available bandwidth will vary based on use and will not be guaranteed to provide 1gbps maximum speeds at any point in time.

Virtual Colocation

In 2008, we began offering virtual colocation services using SmartOS virtual machines and LX and emulation-based services for other OSes. Cost for these services are $50/machine with virtual machine with internet pricing as prescribed above. Monitoring is available.

Backup Services

ClueTrust provides network-based backup services using our backup hardware and software. Detailed pricing is available upon request, but basic backup services (one full per month plus incremental backups each day) are available for $100/month. Off-site replication of backups is also available

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