ClueTrust Team Profiles

Gaige B. Paulsen

The founder of ClueTrust, Gaige has been working in the software business since 1979 and in businesses relating to the Internet since 1985. Schooled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he worked at NCSA, one of the nation's five supercomputing centers established by the NSF (National Science Foundation) in 1984. While at NCSA, Gaige co-developed NCSA Telnet) with Tim Krauskopf and other team members at the Center. During his time there, Gaige also worked with Tim, Mike Folk and others to create the first versions of HDF (the NCSA data file format that is still in use today for certain scientific applications).

After graduating, Gaige met Kurt Baumann and Mikki Barry and joined the two in founding InterCon Systems Corporation, a provider of TCP/IP software for the Apple Macintosh. At InterCon, he worked on the development of products such as TCP/Connect II, NFS/Share, and InterPrint, from protocols to user interface, with a strong concentration on architecture and protocols. InterCon was subsequently purchased by PSINet in 1995.

From 1997 to 1999, Gaige served as Director of Software Architecture for Ascend Communications (which was purchased in 1999 by Lucent Technologies). In this position he was responsible for guiding the team that re-architected the software underlying the company's access products, including the Max and TNT lines.

In 2000, Gaige joined his former partner Kurt Baumann to work with two other executives forming and then running, a consumer ISP spin-off of PSINet. In his capacity as Executive VP and CTO, he managed the global technical direction and participated in guiding decisions at a global scale. After traveling world-wide for two years, Gaige left the company in 2002 to pursue other interests with ClueTrust.

However, during 2004, a strange twist of fate put Gaige and Kurt back at the helm of the North American portion of (consisting of Canada and US). From 2004-early 2006, Gaige participated in strategic planning and tactical business and technical decision-making and eventually was instrumental in closing the sale of the company in 2006 to Uniserve.

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